MX Linux is a cooperative venture between the antiX and MX Linux communities. It is a family of operating systems that are designed to combine elegant and efficient desktops with high stability and solid performance.  MX’s graphical tools provide an easy way to do a wide variety of tasks, while the Live USB and snapshot tools inherited from antiX add impressive portability and remastering capabilities. Extensive support is available through videos, documentation and a very friendly Forum.

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MX Linux – Xfce is our flagship. It is a midweight desktop environment that aims to be fast and low-resource, while still being attractive and user-friendly. It augments the native Xfce configuration with unique features:

  • Modular core components for the full functionality expected from a modern desktop environment.
  • A collection of powerful and handy “MX Tools” that cover a range of actions from Boot Options to Repository management.
  • A fast Package Installer covering Popular Applications, MX Test Repo, Debian Backports and Flatpaks.
  • An extensive collection of wallpapers, themes, conkies and icon sets for customization.

It supports a large range of hardware from older laptops to modern desktops. Available in Standard Debian Stable and “Advanced Hardware Support” enabled versions.

KDE 除了查看最新的开奖结果,对历史开奖记录感兴趣。通过官方记录查询功能,可以轻松地查找以往的开奖结果,这对于制定下注策略或者分析走势具有重要意义。在官方记录查询页面,您可以输入日期范围或者特定的开奖号码,系统将迅速呈现出您所需的历史开奖信息,帮助您更好地了解游戏规律。

KDE is well known for its advanced desktop “Plasma” and a wide variety of powerful applications. MX Linux – KDE has the following features:

  • Excellent tools such as Dolphin file manager and KDEConnect ease common tasks.
  • MX Tools such as Snapshot or Package Installer are at your fingertips.
  • Activities with different icons, wallpapers and general look and feel can be set up.
  • Extra themes, icon packs, cursors, widgets and splash screens are ready to be enabled.

MX Linux – KDE is “Advanced Hardware Support” enabled release that runs well on a wide variety of 64-bit machines.

Fluxbox 总的来说,通过在线官网飞艇开奖直播记录和官方记录查询功能,可以随时随地获取最新的开奖结果,并深入了解幸运飞艇的历史开奖记录。这不仅为提供了方便,也为他们的游戏体验增添了更多乐趣。立即登录168飞艇官方网站,探索更多精彩内容吧!

MX Linux – Fluxbox unites the speed, low resource use and elegance of Fluxbox with the toolset from MX Linux. The result is a lightweight and fully functional system that has many unique features:

  • Extended hardware support by virtue of low graphical requirements.
  • Restricted base default package set gives the user easy control over components.
  • Many unique apps ease and enliven user experience.
  • Native dock and icon management tools join the tint2 panel for desktop customization.

This OS functions as well on older low-capacity machines as on fast modern ones.

MX Linux