Wallpapers that were selected for each MX release except MX 19 can be installed from the MXPI Popular apps. MX 19 wallpapers are included when MX 19 is installed. They are in /usr/share/backgrounds

View the official wallpaper for MX 19 or MX 18

Image galleries linked below include some very nice community submissions that were not selected to be included on the MX ISO. No account is needed to view or download these images.

Image Shack Downloading is not intuitive:

  1. Click on the image you want to download – it enlarges – this is not the full size version.
  2. Click it again – now there is a smaller version and a link to download the full size version

MX 17 & 18 Community Submissions

Download MX 17 & 18 Wallpaper

MX 19 Community Submissions

Download MX 19 Wallpaper

See Wallpaper by Auro Kumar Sahoo


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