desktop-defaults-mx-common updates

We are fixing an issue in desktop-defaults-mx-common that should allow menu editing tools like menulibre to work without removing the mx-tools category. The fix involves a change is capitalization of the file that is hidden from users, but needs adjusted so that menulibre actually populates the category.

For some users, you may see a double “mx-tools” menu category after the change. By defaults, those users who did fresh installs with MX-21 iso and those that updated from MX-19 may see the double category. Anyone doing a fresh install with MX-21.1 and later should not see the issue. This has to do with the original way the mx-tools menu entry was setup, by supplying files directly into the user’s home folder at user creation. From MX-21.1 and forward, those files have been moved outside the home folder, which is why only some users will see the issue. Users who successfully updated to desktop-defaults-mx-common 23.01.03 also won’t see the issue, but that package was pulled because it failed for some users. The full changes are in desktop-defaults-mx-common 23.01.04.

If you see the double category, remove the $HOME/.config/menus/applications-merged/ files. If you have not made any changes to the files in that folder, then it is also OK to remove the entire $HOME/.config/menus/applications-merged folder.

Our apologies for any hassle, but having a popular menu editing utility like menulibre work OOTB is worth the change.

MX Linux